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"Thinking about a summer job with Unified? In spring of 2008, I answered an ad for a company needing a sales representative in Southern CA. The company was of course Unified. It didn't take long to realize the choice I made was the right one. Being subjected to one of the best training programs available, and being entrusted with the best resources to be a successful sales professional, Unified immediately impressed upon me the resolve it had for becoming the leader in their industry. A sucsessful company with many advancement opportunities and benefits is one of the things that I found most unique about Unified."

- Drew Hanna, St. Paul, Minn.

"I really enjoyed my summer in southern California. I made some great money, had a fun time and learned so much. Thanks Unified, I look forward to next year's selling season!"

- Bryant Olsen, Orem, Utah

"I started with Unified in June of 2008 as a sales rep. My experience with Unified was well worth it. I built up my skills as a salesman and learned so much from the training staff. I lived in a great place with other reps that was so much fun. While I enjoy working with our clients, I am continuously learning and strengthening my sales skills!"

- Jonathan Hansen, Rexburg, Idaho

"Unified was a great job for the summer. They were very fair about everything they promised. I made enough to pay for my college tuition for the entire year."

- Jared Craig, Logan, Utah